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Welcome, stranger... to the realm of Kyrian.

One of these days I will re-design this site properly!

A quick run-down, with links where appropriate:

if you want to give me a job/contract, are interested in any of the opensource stuff I'm doing, etc. (even the bugs ;-)) I'm contactable by mobile, Monochrome, and various instant messenger formats (c/o Pidgin), but for obvious reasons they are not published here, email me if you need those details.

Oh, and I'm on Myspace, LinkedIn, and all that jazz. Most of the time I wish I wasnt; I wasn't short of ways to waste time before I joined them, and I am most certainly not short of them having done so!

Random other stuff...

Playing music 
Virtual Worlds 
Forum for discussion of Student Loans Company problems
Wacken Open Air Pictures

And here's some of my fave software stuff:


SpamAssassin,   Sophos AntiVirus.   SANE (Scanner Access Now Easy) and its Plustek Driver,   FFMpeg,   CDRDAO,   CDDA Paranoia,   MySQL,   Cyrus IMAPd,   Red Hat Linux,   PHP,   Perl

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Lisa Gunn 
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