Name: Kev 'Kyrian' Green.



Because maintaining several CV's is annoying, because recruiters love keyword lists for their searches, and because having a full CV globally available including details of which technologies were used at which former employers creates a security risk of information disclosure to them, I have cut this down to a mere keyword list. My full CV is available on request via the email address above.

Core Skills Keywords:

Open Source, Linux(Desktop, Multimedia, Server, Debian, RedHat Linux, Security, Fedora, Redhat Enterprise [RHEL], CentOS), Apache, Sendmail, Exim, PHP, Perl, MySQL, Virtualisation (Vagrant, Xen HVM/PV, Vmware/Vsphere), Cyrus IMAP, DevOps (Jenkins, CruiseControl, Ant, Fabric), online retail, configuration management(cfengine/puppet), shell scripting, systems admin / sysadmin,

Tertiary Skills Keywords:

BGP/OSPF/RIP, ISDN/Dialup/Leased Lines/ADSL, Firewall-1, Bay/Nortel, Worldpay, Splashpay, Paypal, Froogle, Tradedoubler, Ascend/Lucent, Windows NT/XP/95/98, IIS 3 & 4, Real Media (Encoding, Broadcasting, etc), ADA, C, Python, Oracle. Amiga, DEC VAX/VMS, Proteon/OpenRoute, SNMP, NNTP, FFMpeg, LVS, Veritas, RAID, RIPE LIR management, Nagios, MRTG, LINX, Webperf (100 position improvement). Project Management, Munin, Mon, VoIP, Tomcat, Java, WebDriver/Selenium, Datanomic Director / Oracle EDQ, Cisco.