Kyrian's Amiga stuff I use Linux as a matter of course, because it (along with other variants of Unix such as BSD) is simply the best network operating system. It still has problems, but such is the nature of everything computery. I like AMIGA's! for similar reasons, such as:
  • They have a sensibly set out memory map.
  • Without them, Syndicate, Worms, Frontier, Shadow of the Beast, and many other excellent games would simply not exist...
  • Nor would Babylon 5, Robocop the series, Seaquest DSV, The Chart show(for the simple reason of their budgets...), and other TV programs
  • They have a stable operating system.They don't suffer from a bloated resource-hungry OS like Windows PC's
  • They are the machine of choice for the animators at Aardman(Wallace & Gromit, Creature Comforts) Animations.
The main uses of other computers;