Why do you not resist?
It's clear they won't decist...

Don't shake your head,
Raise your fist,
Let them know you exist,
Make your point known,
Don't just sit there and moan,

You got to stand up and fight,
To make them take (a) flight,
They won't listen do your words,
But may distort them : make it worse,

Pacifist: It just won't work,
(Pacifist:) Stop actin' like a jerk,
Pacifist when will you learn,
That your ways get nothing done,

You can't fight words with words,
It just won't work,
So raise your fist and break their jaws,
That their words will be no more,

Silence from the mouth that lies,
Hear the truth: No more their false cries,
Cut through the shield,
Lying words provide...

(C) Kyrian. 1996

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