The day I was

(Imagine it to a rythmn like Soudgardens The Day I tried to live)

The day I started to be,
I was someone that wasn't me,
It's insane you see,
I can't live as me,
For the real me no-one cares,
So bring the changes on upstairs,

Why I cannot see,
My life just can't be,
Too much of a geek,
So pretence I do seek,
To cover up the frightening truth... About me,

Why I changed I just don't know,
I could be happy on my own,
But it cuts me up inside,
When socialising don't apply,

I like the company of others,
Despite all its many troubles,
But I really can't abide,
The changes going on inside... My soul,

Can't be happy in this life,
Be yourself and be alone,
Be another socialise,
Be most wanted merchandise,
There can't be an inbetween,
Happiness is so obscene... In this life,

No such thing as compromise,
Always nagging on my mind,
Driving me quite round the bend,
Encouraging an early end,
But it's not gonna be this way,
I'll find solace here... SOMEDAY!

(C) Kyrian. 1996
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